IPv6 - ULA Generator

This is an IPV6 ULA (Unique Local Address) Generator.
You can create your personal ULA by entering a unique Mac Address into this form.
For the Uniqueness it is important that it is a Mac Address from an device owned by you.
What is an ULA ?
An ULA is your "secondary" IPV6-Address only for internal use.
It can also be used as a backup address if your provider gets offline and your Prefix-IPs are not longer valid.
Also you can create the most of your internal firewall rules based on your ULAs.
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There is no need to register your generated ULA. Its only a way to be more sure that your generated ULA is not double used.
If erverybody register his/her ULAs here, we can prevent this.

We do not publish your E-Mail Address here.
If you want to update your record, you have to use this E-Mail to contact us.

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- You can only register ULAs that were created by our Generator within the last three days. -
- There is no way to choose your favorite nice looking ULA. -
- It has to be generated. (IEEE - RFC 4193) -
Registered ULAs in Database
Actual registered ULAs in Database : 6371
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